What not to miss when you’re in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Fashion Week took place a few weeks ago and as Instagram became a haven of Copenhagen-inspo we started to crave the city.

In order to get control of our cravings we decided to do a must-visit-list of Copenhagen. Places we’ve been and want to share with you combined with new ones that we’re dying to explore.

Where to shop

Wood Wood Museum

The mother of Scandinavian streetwear. Here you can find the best streetwear in the nordics at a nice price, the museum gathers previous collections to make urban fashion available for everyone.

Some of the brands: Wood Wood, Comme des Garçons, Carhartt WIP, Common Projects, CristaSeya, Nike and many more.




If you have some extra dollars to spend you should definitely visit Illum. Besides being a shopping paradise, ILLUM caters to the quality conscious foodie and everyone who likes their coffee with a nice view.

In the basement you can find EATALY, here you can buy the finest Italian groceries. If you don’t feel like cooking at home you can feast in one of the many mini-restaurants in the store.

But don’t get stuck in the basement, take the elevator to the rooftop and enjoy an afternoon drink with a view. From here you have unrivalled views of Christiansborg Palace, Strøget and Amagertorv right below.

The department store is situated perfectly in the heart of Copenhagen right where the pedestrian streets Strøget and Købmagergade meet.



Where to drink


You’ve heard it before but we’re going to say it anyway: Ruby. The bar doesn’t have a sign and it’s is in an apartment, so you can’t help thinking you’re at someones house. An extra plus is that you get to listen to famous standup comedy acts when your at the bathroom.



Photo: Ruby

Where to eat


We like Høst: it’s a relaxed place that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is excellent and reasonably priced.




Where to get your morning coffee

The Central Hotel

We are actually spoiled when it comes to coffee. The Central Hotel has the smallest coffee shop in Copenhagen and is the world’s smallest hotel, with only one room. It’s idyllic, sweet and intimate and perfect to catch up with friends.



Photo: Hotel Central

Where to stay

Guldsmeden Manon Les Suites

Guldsmeden has plenty of hotels all over the world, from Paris to Bali and all of them are organic with a environmental-friendly approach. Our favorite hotel at the moment is Manon Les Suites, one out of 5 Guldsmeden Hotels in Copenhagen. This over the top hotel has a tropical pool area(!) where you can hang out, swim and during nights even party.

No matter if you like working out or not a visit to the gym is a must. There’s not many like this in the world, imagine having a boxing ring, full crossfit area with tires, ropes and stuff, lounge area and much more at your hotel. This creative gym can inspire anyone to start working out.



Photo: Hotel Guldsmeden


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