Top 10 travel destinations for 2019

We love to discover the world and find unique places in every little corner of it, but sometimes you need some inspiration to get there and more important: someone who lets you know it even exists. Airbnb is, in this case, this someone. They have based on booking and search data, listed the most popular travel destinations for 2019. A mix of famous and not so famous destinations.

The list is broad and includes cities and places in Japan, New Zeeland, Hawaii and many more beautiful countries. We hope you get inspired and find 2019’s adventures in this post!

Number 10 – Wayama, Japan

Airbnb says that this region, which is near to Osaka, is sometimes referred to as Japan’s “spiritual heartland.” You can visit or stay in a Buddhist temple, and plan your trip in July to catch the Nachi Fire Festival, a breathtaking display of blazing pine torches celebrating the return of a deity to the Great Waterfall of Nachi.

Number 9: Outer Hebrides, Scotland

On this Scottish island chain, red deer outnumber humans 30 to 1—so suffice to say this region is a nature lover’s paradise. Bookings for this destination are up nearly 150% since this time in 2017.

Number 8: Mozambique

This African nation is below Malawi, on the southeastern edge of the African continent and across the Mozambique Channel from Madagascar. Its coastline is packed full of picturesque beaches along the Indian Ocean, and you can find rooms on Airbnb for as low as $20 per night.

Number 7: Accra, Ghana

On the other side of the continent is Accra, the capital city of Ghana, on the Atlantic coast. Make time to visit the city’s bustling bazaar, Makola Market, and dance the night away at a beachside nightclub.

Number 5: Great Smoky Mountains, U.S.

The Great Smoky Mountains are located along the Tennessee-North Carolina border and offer an affordable stateside destination for those not quite ready to venture beyond our borders. There are 800 miles of hiking trails to choose from in the Smokies, so if exploring the outdoors is your favourite way to travel, this destination is ideal.

Number 4: Normandy, France

If you’re so inclined, 2019 marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the Battle of Normandy, and a full celebration of the historic event will take place during the summer. While you’re in town, check out the picturesque French region’s classic architecture and eat your weight in camembert.

Number 3: Puebla, Mexico

Skip the beaches on your next trip south and take in this stunning city’s culinary delights and breathtaking museums and cathedrals. Located in the east-central part of Mexico, Puebla is a mere two-hour drive from Mexico City. No wonder bookings are up 240% from this time last year.

Number 2: Xiamen, China

Xiamen, Fujian Province is a Chinese port city that’s become a top destination for local travellers. Take the international plunge and head there yourself to enjoy all that this locale has to offer (including a pedestrian-only island that’s right off the coast). Bookings for Xiamen are up 283% over last year.

Number 1: Kaikoura, New Zealand

New Zealand is one of those countries that’s on pretty much everyone’s must-visit list, but Kaikoura is a bit more off-the-beaten-path than somewhere like Christchurch or Auckland. The city is staging a comeback after a devastating earthquake in 2016, so stop by next year and help bring it back to life.


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