Om Oss


Finally, the day you have waited for has arrived. After months of saving it’s nally time for vacation. It’s been what has kept you going when working late, and now you just can’t wait to put your feet in the warm sand at the beach, look down the ski slope or just kick back in a nice hotel room. The last thing you want to do is wait for a delayed flight at the airport. Your time is way to precious for that.

If you are delayed you may fail to attend that important job interview, saying good night to your kids or, god forbid, miss your best friend’s wedding. No matter what, a delayed flight sucks. Trust us. We’ve been there, too. In fact this company was started because of a delayed flight.

If your flight is delayed or canceled all you’re likely to get is an airport dinner, a room at an airport hotel and a canned excuse from the airline. Unfortunately, we cannot fix an airplane that is broken or an overbooked- or a cancelled flight. What we can do is fight for your right to your EU Regulation 261/04-compensation.

We cannot get you those precious hours back, but we can promise you a smooth way to the compensation you’re entitled to.

If delayed. Get paid.


We are the no.1 defenders of the EU Regulation 261/04 for the ones who don’t have the time, money or know-how to claim their entitled compensation.

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