Worlds most punctual airlines in 2018

You never want to start your vacation with a delayed flight, neither finish it off stuck at the airport. A bad experience at the airport can ruin the total impression of your trip, turn a good vacation into a bad. There’s no way to ensure that you won’t experience a delayed flight, but by flying Read more…


Top 10 travel destinations for 2019

We love to discover the world and find unique places in every little corner of it, but sometimes you need some inspiration to get there and more important: someone who lets you know it even exists. Airbnb is in this case this someone. They have, based on booking and search data, listed the most popular Read more…


Cancelled flights at Gatwick Airport due to drones

Are you one of those who’s flight got cancelled due to drones flying over Gatwick airport? If so you might be wondering if you’re entitled to a compensation. The answer is yes and no, we’ll break it down to you. First and foremost, you are entitled to care under EU Regulation 261/2004. Airlines must provide Read more…


Top 3 airports in the world to experience a delayed flight at

Having your flight cancelled or delayed sucks, but if you’re lucky you’re at one of our favorite airports. If you get stuck here you can make sure to make the most of your time and perhaps create some of your most memorable experience from your trip. We’ve listed three airports around the world that makes Read more…

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