The ultimate guide to maximize your miles

It’s safe to say that more or less everyone knows that there’s free miles to make but besides scary credit cards don’t really know how to earn it or have the energy to dig deeper into it. Believe us when we say that it doesn’t have to be complicated. You just keep your eyes open Read more…


What not to miss when you’re in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Fashion Week took place a few weeks ago and as Instagram became a haven of Copenhagen-inspo we started to crave the city. In order to get control of our cravings we decided to do a must-visit-list of Copenhagen. Places we’ve been and want to share with you combined with new ones that we’re dying Read more…


How to compensate the CO2 emissions from you flight

Several airlines offers ways to compensate the CO2 emissions from your flight. How it works is that you actually pay a bit more money to make sure to cover the environmental damages that your flight is causing. This is still pretty new and therefor there’s an ongoing debate wether this is a good or a Read more…


Treat your skin during your flight

When you’re flying you’re pretty isolated with not that much to do, maybe you read a book or watch a movie but that’s about it. What you should do instead is to treat your skin, and now you finally have the time for it! Some me-time on the plane is 100% necessary due to the Read more…

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