New app lets you get creative when planning your next trip

Bubotree is an app we’ve just discovered, that makes it easier and more inspiring than ever to plan a trip with your friends! It reminds us a bit of Pinterest, but for traveling. Here you can do everything from beginning to end, starting with voting on which day you will leave on your trip and which flight to catch. When you have the date and destination set you can start working on your inspo-board, this is when the fun starts!

Here you can add widgets, you can choose between a notepad, a poll or ask a question where your members can answer how they like. You can also create so called ”bubs”, that’s where you add information on your suggestion. Let’s say you post a Bub of a hotel, then you can add location, pictures, short description and website.

We’ve never been more excited get out there and discover every little corner of the world!

Go to https://bubotree.com to start planning your next trip!




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