Worlds most punctual airlines in 2018

You never want to start your vacation with a delayed flight, neither finish it off stuck at the airport. A bad experience at the airport can ruin the total impression of your trip, turn a good vacation into a bad.

There’s no way to ensure that you won’t experience a delayed flight, but by flying with one of these airlines you will definitely lower the risk.

We give you, the worlds most punctual airlines based on data from the airline data association OAG Aviation:

  1. Copa Airlines, Panama 89,8%
  2. Air Baltic, Latvia 89,2 %
  3. Hongkong Airlines, Hongkong 88,1%
  4. Hawaiian Airlines, USA 87,5%
  5. Bangkok Airlines, Thailand 87,2%
  6. Quantas, Australia 87,2%
  7. Latham, Chile 85,6%
  8. Azul, Brazil 85,2%
  9. Qatar Airlines, Qatar 85,2%
  10. KLM, Netherlands 84,5%

Happy travels!

Photo: Unsplash

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