Top 3 airports in the world to experience a delayed flight at

Having your flight cancelled or delayed sucks, but if you’re lucky you’re at one of our favorite airports. If you get stuck here you can make sure to make the most of your time and perhaps create some of your most memorable experience from your trip.

We’ve listed three airports around the world that makes delays and cancelled flights a bit more bearable.

Here we go:

3. Munich Airport, Germany

You’re a lucky fellow if you get stuck at Munich Airport. Just remember to pack your bathing clothes, because at Munich airport you can actually surf in a wave machine while waiting for your flight. Forget dull gates and bad tax frees, Munich airport is your playground.

Munich Airport, Germany. Photo: Facebook

Incheon International Airport, South Korea

Incheon International Airport are focusing on giving you the best experience possible. The list of things you can do is infinite but a few of them are: go on a concert, decorate a Christmas three filled with wishes from you and other passengers, take a nap in an actual bed, work in an open office space and much more. The airport is experience-designed and has a very luxurious touch to it.

A must visit!

Incheon Airport, South Korea. Photo: Facebook

1. Changi International Airport, Singapore

We always arrive to the airport a few hours ahead when we travel from Singapore. That’s because Changi is one of the greatest malls and experience centers in the world. One of their over the top project is the Harry Potter-world that they’ve built for Christmas 2018. Here you can try out capes, take Harry Potter-themed images, play quidditch and much more! And the shopping is amazing.

Changi airport is a destination in itself!

Changi International Airport, Singapore. Photo: Facebook

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