Southwest Airlines delayed resumption of Boeing 737 Max flights


On Thursday, 16 January, Southwest Airlines announced that it will not resume flight of Boeing 737 Max flights until June 6 as it’s still uncertain whether the aircraft can return to service.

Southwest airlines delayed flights

Southwest Airlines is following American Airlines and United Airlines, which have also taken the 737 Max out of service until June 4.

Southwest Airlines has 34 737 Max aircraft in its fleet – more than any other airline.

The decision to pull the planes out of service will affect approximately 330-weekday flights. The airline has promised to transfer concerned customers to other flights.

The 737 Max was grounded worldwide 13 March 2019 following two horrific crashes that claimed 346 lives.

Like American Airlines and United, Southwest Airlines had reconsidered pulling the aircraft back into service several times but hoped to resume 737 Max flights on 14 April 2020.