Our favourite travelers on Instagram

Instagram is the place where we all go to find some inspiration, wether it’s fashion, travels or food. Since we’re travel-junkies we’re always searching for new inspiring profiles that can show us new places we never knew existed. After years of gathering the best from travel-grammers on our feed: https://www.instagram.com/ifdelayed/ we’ve summarized the best of the best specially for you!

First out:

Amy Seder

Amy is a photographer and commercial director by day, her posts are very creative and she always lets the location play the leading act. You see, a common thing is that travel-accounts often turns into fashion accounts, which is fine, but it looses its purpose. Amy always reveals the destination (which is a big thumb up, why bother get inspired if you don’t know where you’re going) and manage to combine nature and design in a really nice way.


Jon Olsson

What would a list of travel-grammers be without Jon Olsson Delér? NOTHING, it would be nothing. 1 million people follow him on Instagram and another 1 million on YouTube, and we understand why. He and his fellow companion Benjamin are visiting the most amazing places around the world (some of them are secret which is a bummer but we get it) and are capturing their experiences better than most tv-shows. Throw out your tv and go to Jon’s YouTube channel.


Filippo Cesarini

Filippo takes amazing pictures but it’s his post production that makes him a true artist and separates him from the crowd. His photos looks like they’re taken from any big Hollywood production. In difference from other travel-grammers Filippo has like 90 percent focus on the location and 10 on himself, something we highly appreciate. He lets the location speak for itself without adding a half nude – nothing against half nudes but it’s nice to see something different now and then, right?


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