How it works

1. Start your claim.

Starting a case with us is completely free. Fill out the form, it only takes a minute, and you will immediately know if you are entitled to compensation or not. If you are entitled you can easily hand over your claim to us by finishing the form. Our client managers will review your case and contact you via email and explain how we will proceed.

In order for us to represent you, we need to be able to present a signed power of attorney to the airline. The document is easily signed on your screen and gives us the legal right to represent you in all contact with the airline. Without it we don’t have the ability to run your case. As soon as we receive the power of attorney we send the claim to the airline. In addition some airlines request a copy of your passport. If this applies in your case, we will inform you.


We know your rights and manage your claim so that you can sit back and relax. When the airline accepts the claim a payment is made to our trust account and we will immediately contact you. In order to transfer your compensation amount to you we need your bank account information that you easily provide via your secure customer page. As soon as we have the information a transfer is made to the given bank account. The airlines handling time vary. Normally a case takes about 6-10 weeks but after more intense traveling periods such as holidays it will be longer.

Unfortunately airlines routinely reject claims for compensation by referring to “extraordinary circumstances”. However, our leading legal team will review rejections and if able process the claim in court. Naturally, this will increase the handling time of your case. However, it does not affect your financial risk as our philosophy always is “no win – no fee”.

3. GET UP TO 600 € BACK.

Compared to many of our competitors, we have no hidden fees and our commission is always the same; 30 % (including VAT) regardless if the case is taken to court. Since the beginning our philosophy has always been “no win – no fee” meaning that we only charge you if we are able to get you your compensation.

Some airlines pay the compensation directly to our clients. In these matters we simply send an invoice to you matching the 30 % (including VAT) fee of ours. If the airline contacts you, please forward the email to us immediately as some customers have been fooled by airlines, settling for far less than they were entitled to.

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