French pilots, cabin crews threaten to join strikes beginning 3 January


Flights to and from France are likely to be disrupted beginning January 3rd 2020 as pilots and cabin crew plan to join nation-wide strikes against the French government’s planned pension reforms.

French pilot cabin crew strike

Unlike the French railways and Paris public transport system, flights over, to and from France have avoided major disruptions.

Some labour unions that represent Air France ground crew have joined the strike as well as some air traffic controllers.

However, Pilots and flight crew have not joined the strike, but that may soon change.

 On Thursday, December 19th, several unions that represent aircrew, including SNPL, called for members to walk out on January 3rd for an unspecified period.

The weekend is set to be a busy one, but how many disruptions to flights the walkouts may cause, depends on the number of people decide to join in the strike.