French ATC strike to go ahead as planned starting 8 January


French ATC have begun striking on Jan 8 and will continue doing so until Friday, Jan 10.

French ATC strike Jan 8

However, the worst delays are said to be during the day on Thursday, Jan 9. In preparation for the upcoming delays, Eurocontrol are writing their Mitigation Plan.

However, this strike will be similar to the five French ATC strikes that occurred in December. Many delays are expected at major airports and for overflights, busy Tango Routes with flights avoiding western French airspace.

Fortunately, Algeria and Tunisia are said to allow flights through their airspace without special permission to avoid French airspace in the south.

The Toulouse–Blagnac Airport in France has asked airlines to reduce their scheduled flights by a third from 0500-2300z on Jan 9, but this is the only airport that has issued such a request.