Finnair lost legal dispute over collection charges

Finnair’s reluctance to pay for flight delays will begin to cost, both for the company itself and the Finnish taxpayer. Recently, the Helsinki District Court resolved the case in the interest of the customer, forcing the company to pay a total of 22,000 in compensation over 600. For the first time, the airline was also required to pay the collection service’s fee (such as IfDelayed). We have taken note of the impact of the decision in all of our lawsuits, and we will also require the same treatment for our customers automatically.

According to Pauli Ståhlberg, Chairman of the Finnish Consumer Disputes Board, Finnair is already a regular client of the board with 700 annual complaints. According to Ståhlberg, Finnair is a “worse consumer protectionist than average”. Their policy has led the company to go back to the watchlist for now. Finnish Consumer’s Association as well as the Consumer Ombudsman have paid attention to the issue alongside other authorities. The latter has also filed a lawsuit against Finnair in the Market Court of Finland. It can rightly be stated that a state-owned company, by its unlawful activity incurs significant costs to the Finnish State itself, not to mention ordinary citizens around the world.

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