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Why do I have to send a Power of Attorney for my flight delay, cancellation or denied boarding claim via regular mail? I have already signed an electronic version.

If the airline refuses to pay out delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight compensation, we hand the claim over to our contract lawyers for legal assessment.

If our lawyers decide to move forward with your claim, the court will need a Power of Attorney in writing. This means that you have to send it to us via regular mail as electronic or scanned copies are not accepted and will, therefore, be rejected by the court.

Please send the signed Power of Attorney to us to the following address:

Ifdelayed AB,

Box 7550,

103 93 Stockholm, Sweden

Our flight was delayed/cancelled when I was travelling with my children, can I sign the Power of Attorney on their behalf?

In the case of minors, both parents/legal guardians will need to sign in their place. If the passenger was a minor at the time of the delayed/cancelled/overbooked flight but is now 18 years or over, this passenger may sign the form himself.

Can I claim compensation for everyone travelling with me when claiming for a delayed/cancelled flight? Can I add my children in the same claim form?

Yes, you can add other passengers in one claim form. Infants under the age of 2 aren’t entitled to delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight compensation because they generally travel under a reduced rate or share a seat with their parents.

If your children were under 2 at the time of your flight (the child had not yet turned 2 on the day of the flight), they should not be included in the claim.

What is a flight reservation number and where can I find it?

The flight reservation number is a combination of 6 symbols consisting of letters and numbers, which are on your e-ticket or a flight booking confirmation.

It’s worth looking through your inbox, junk folder, for emails which may contain ticket payment confirmation, reminder emails etc. to find your reservation number or at least contact the ticket seller.

Can I claim compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight if I lost my plane ticket?

Yes, you can claim for a delayed/cancelled flight. The most important information to know is your flight number, the flight reservation number, departure/arrival airports, and the exact date of the flight. You may find these details in the flight confirmation email.

However, not all airlines accept this, so we would like to ask you to send your flight documents (tickets, boarding passes, etc.) too. It becomes important if airlines reject the claim: without documentation, we will not be able to send the claim to authorities or courts. Start your claim.