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Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that you can get expert advice, personal assistance,
and commission-free compensation with Premium Travel Assistance if your flight gets cancelled or delayed.

Now only from $5.50 per traveller!

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Single flight


/per person

On-demand coverage. Additional security when you need it.

Pay as you fly
No subscription
Full support
0% our service fee
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/per person per month

Year-round coverage for all your flights for a small monthly fee.

Unlimited flights
12-month subscription
Full support
0% our service fee
Claiming priority
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Over the past 7 days, 1,456 customers have chosen to protect themselves against unforeseen events!


/per person annually

Best bang for your buck! Year-round coverage for all your flights.

Unlimited flights
12-month subscription
Full support
0% our service fee
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/per person annually

(excl. VAT)

Special offer for businesses and organisations.

Unlimited flights
12-month subscription
Full support
0% our service fee
Claiming priority
Covers employees personal trips
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Our corporate option is tailored to a suit all needs and will cover all flights, no matter if it’s for business or leisure.

What benefits you get with Premium Travel Assistance

Free access to our services

Premium Travel Assistance is a prepaid service that gives you access to all our services free of charge.

Legal expert advice

Free legal counselling on Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 and EU air passenger rights, and personalised assistance.

Zero fees

No commission fees when you file a compensation claim with us. You get to keep 100% of the compensation amount.

Compare flight protection plans

Credit card / Bank
Qualified counseling services
Full legal assistance
+3h delay compensation
+4h delay compensation
Smooth experience
Time consumption
More than 1 hour
More than 15 minutes
More than 15 minutes
Compensation amount
$22-220 + eventual expenses
$22-220 + eventual expenses
Service fee
From $335 to $1100+
Excess fees
Excess fees

Our customers success stories

We´re happy we bought Ifdelayed Premium annual plan. My family and I received €2400 for a delayed flight from New York recently and we got to keep 100% of the commission thanks to Ifldelayed Premium.

Jonas and his family saved €720

Meet our premium users

548 Reviews 4.8/5 TrustScore
Astrid Fredriksson

I am very impressed by the way…

I am very impressed by the way Ifdelayed is handling this.
Quick handling of our case. Nice contact and personal service.
Very pleased with everything.

Gal Roitman

the legal crew are very professional…

the legal crew are very professional and the replay fast.

Kai Tapper

They got me my Money back!

It took them around 6 months to do it but it was worth the wait.
Just got a reply that they managed to get me 600£ back.

To know that someone out there was willing to go help the ones who can’t do this themselves for a small fee. It’s very comforting.

Now i know i can rely on someone if there’s delays in the future!

Armina A

Best service. Best employees. Highly recommended!

My sisters and i flew with Norwegian and they didn’t gave us the delayed flight compensation. Really bad service if you asked me. But thanks to IF Delayed who helped us and got the compensation we deserved.

Sachin Chaudhary

The have a very simple and efficient…

The have a very simple and efficient method for claim settlement. Really appreciate their help for my claim.


Smooth and comfortable

Smooth and comfortable, I got more than expected back


Best service

Best service. I would not have known about the compension without ifdelayed. Thanks

Kate The Great

I’m happy that I used the services of IFDELAYED

I’m happy that I used the services of IFDELAYED even though I couldn’t receive the full compensation due to “capacity issues in Germany and many other countries in the EU”. Nevertheless my additional expenses like hotel and transfer were paid for as well. I would definitely recommend this company if you have any kind of issues with your flight.

Johan Holmstrand

Very good

Very good. We just waited And you did the job.

Håkan Ottosson

I was very conveniently contacted by…

I was very conveniently contacted by Ifdelayed after I experienced a cancelled flight. I wasn’t aware that I could get compensation, so I was positively surprised.
It’s surely quicker to handle this through Ifdelayed.com than to figure out how to do the claim yourself.

Somia Tayyaba


I got my claim very quickly.


Taking care of your case

There was some missunderstanding in the begining, but after a short conversation we could agree. It was Ifdelayed who called me, realy nice of them! The company care for its clients, that’s for sure.

Tahzeeb Fatima

I was amazed by the ease and speed of…

I was amazed by the ease and speed of services. Wasn’t expecting it to be so quick. My case was solved and I got paid in less than a month Wow 😮 Very happy 😊

Martin Vigerland

Excellent service

Excellent service! Would never have been able to get money back without them.


Very good efficient service

Very good efficient service, my boss suggested to use ifdelayed.com. First I thought I will try myself. Failed. Then gave to specialists and res
ult was very good as expected.

Jonas H


Succeeded, but took a while though

Anders Parsberger

Professional, fast and efficient.

When I contacted Ifdelayed.com I got a quick response and very good feedback during the course of the case.

Professional, fast and efficient.

Gabriel Jensen


Incredible, it took 3 months but it was all worth it. Thank you so much!

Did you know that

Dealing with flight disruptions on your own is often difficult and sometimes impossible.


of low-cost airline passengers never get any answers in the event of a flight disruption.


of all European flights have some kind of flight disruption.


of European passengers experienced a flight disruption at least once.

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