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We partner with a wide range of companies within the air travel industry. No matter if they’re a travel agency or an airport shop employee. Take advantage of the flourishing flight compensation market by partnering with Ifdelayed. Join now and earn money by promoting one of the best flight compensation companies.

Earn up to $33 per passenger

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Why you should become a partner

Upsell your product

Offer your customers an additional quality service.

Value to your customers

Partnering with us means that your customers will get the high-quality services they need.

Generous commissions

One of the highest commissions in the flight compensation market.

Performance statistics & analytics at our partners’ platform

  • Access to a variety of reports, such as visits and traffic analysis.
  • Access to in-depth information about generated referrals and transparency, such as referrals per country, airline, and problem.
  • Different channels (websites, cabs, places.)
  • Auto-generated material, such as tracking links, banners, iframes, and clicks.
  • Payout history and details.
Become a Partner

Different CPA models and flexible commission levels

  • Our commission rates are one of the best in the flight compensation industry. 
  • Under EU Regulation (EC) No 261/2004, the highest possible compensation amount one person can receive is $665 for flights over 3,500 km, $445 for flights between 1,500 – 3,500 km, and $280 for flights less than 1,500 km.
  • if you spot a sizeable amount of high-value claims in your commission report, you’ll have a good chance to re-negotiate your fee with us. 
  • Some countries and regions have longer flight distances than others so we might be able to offer you a different commission rate if your website reaches different markets or/and performance.
  • We offer a flexible payment system. Ifdelayed will automatically generate an invoice once a day, week or month with all of the claims coming from your link that were accepted within a preferred period. You can select the payment period that works for you the best.
  • Due to transfer costs, we have set a minimum amount to reach before we produce an invoice. This is set at $110. If you don’t reach this number in a month, the claims will be saved until you have reached that amount.
  • We offer a two-tier affiliate program that allows you to create your network of sub-affiliates and get commissions on your sub-affiliate referrals.

Multi-device and multi-platform customer tracking

  • Share your trackable affiliate link.
  • Share our link on social media.
  • Run ad campaigns for your Ifdelayed article.
  • Use your full affiliate link as it appears on your panel so that we know that it came from you.
  • The full affiliate link must be shared on a site or community that the affiliate owns or operates at all times.
  • Every time a user clicks your affiliate link, a cookie is placed on their computer. If they claim during the following 30 days, you will get a commission. If a user clicks another affiliate link during that period, the last cookie set will be counted for tracking. 
  • Driving paid traffic towards a page where the affiliate has posted their Ifdelayed link.
  • Sharing the affiliate post/pages under other communities/forums on social media.
  • To make sure your traffic is secure, we track our affiliate performance on Post Affiliate Pro (available to you on the Reports page) and our Google Analytics.

What our partners say

BlueSky Tourism

Great company to work with

Ifdelayed is a great company to work with. They help our clients when they get delayed at the airport. They have a claim form with user-friendly UI that’s easy to follow when trying to file a claim. Their claim processing times are quick, and they push hard to win every claim.

Anna, UVET

Reliable service

Great and reliable service that has helped thousands of our customers get compensation in a quick and smooth way.

NewWorld Flights

Friendly team

Ifdelayed has a friendly and, above all, motivated team that’s eager to make it in the flight claiming industry. They offer a flexible payment system, and a lot more so working with them is easy. We very much recommend Ifdelayed.

Travel Buddy

Flexible partner

We recommend partnering with Ifdelayed. They offer flexible commission payments and they’re a great company to work with overall. Ifdelayed has a great, friendly team that’s always ready to help if you have questions. They offer a useful service that our clients greatly benefit from.

Reliable partner

Idelayed has smooth communication and quite PRO tools for customers traffic and performances. Full transparency and motivated team. Highly recommended!

Flight Advisor

Great service

Ifdelayed offers an easy way for people to claim compensation.They help passengers avoid the time-consuming and frustrating process of dealing with the airlines directly. We are proud to be partners with this company as it offers our clients a useful service that they can trust.


Value to our customers

Using Ifdelayed gives true value to our customers. Their service is easy to use and helps passengers claim compensation in the event of a delayed or cancelled flight. It also saves time, as it can be difficult to claim compensation on your own to the airline. It’s also valuable for us to have a partner who can guide our clients when it comes to their rights and options in these cases.

Some facts about our partnerships

65Happy partners

$4,787Biggest commission payout

200KHandled partner claims

31Countries covered

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We partner with a wide range of companies within the air travel industry.
No matter if they’re a travel agency or an airport shop employee.

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