Tips for packing carry-on luggage for Easyjet and Ryanair flights in 2020

22.01.2020 Low-cost airlines Ryanair and Easyjet are quite strict when it comes to their baggage policies, which cause inconveniences for many passengers trying to save money by skipping check-in luggage altogether. Ryanair and Easyjet have limited luggage allowance, so to make things easier, we’ve broken down how much passengers are allowed to take into the […]
Baggage tips

Southwest Airlines delayed resumption of Boeing 737 Max flights

20.01.2020 On Thursday, 16 January, Southwest Airlines announced that it will not resume flight of Boeing 737 Max flights until June 6 as it’s still uncertain whether the aircraft can return to service. Southwest Airlines is following American Airlines and United Airlines, which have also taken the 737 Max out of service until June 4. […]
Southwest airlines delayed flights

10 airlines that deny flight compensation to passengers in 2020

16.01.2020 A new study has revealed that 1 in 2 passengers in Europe don’t get compensated if their flights get delayed or cancelled, even if they are eligible. You may choose to file a claim for compensation independently. However, this is not always the best way to approach this as airlines simply refuse to pay. […]
Worst airlines for flight compensation

Ernest Airlines cancelled all flights citing license suspension

14.01.2020 According to the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority (AAC), Ernest Airlines has cancelled all its flights as of 11 January, and guaranteed tickets’ reimbursement for all passengers. The Italian Civil Aviation Authority has given Ernest Airlines time work until 13 January 2020, but the airline has been using rented planes to provide its services. Ernest […]
Ernest Airline cancels all flights

Air traffic at Dubai International Airport affected by heavy rainfall

14.01.2020 Heavy rainfall has seriously affected air traffic at Dubai International Airport, UAE as airlines had to cancel flights or divert them to nearby Dubai World Central Airport. The airport suggests checking flight statuses with airlines or via Home base carrier Emirates Airline has asked passengers to check their flight status on Passengers […]
heavy rain in dubai