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How it works

1. Start your claim for free

Starting a case with us is completely free. Fill out the claim form and you will immediately know if you are entitled to compensation. If you are entitled to it, you can finish filling out the form and, thus, start a compensation claim with us. Our claim agents will review your case and contact you via email and explain how to proceed.

To represent you, we need to be able to present a signed Power of Attorney to the airline. You can easily sign it on your screen, and it will give us the legal right to represent you when dealing with the airline. Without a Power of Attorney signed by you, we cannot take care of your case. When we receive a Power of Attorney, we can send your claim to the airline. Note that some airlines may request a copy of your passport. If this applies in your case, we will inform you about it.



2. We do all the work

Ifdelayed does all the heavy lifting for you. If the airline accepts the claim, a payment is made to our trust account and we contact you about transferring it to your account. You have to enter your bank account number to our secure customer page so that we could transfer the paid compensation to your account. We will transfer the compensation as soon as we have your bank account number. Note that airline handling times vary. Usually, a case takes approximately 6-10 weeks, but during peak travel periods such as holidays, it may take more time.

Unfortunately, airlines routinely reject claims for compensation citing extraordinary circumstances as the reason for rejection. Nevertheless, our legal experts review all rejected claims and (if possible) take the airline to court. Naturally, this may increase the handling time of your case. However, this will not affect you financially whatsoever.



3. Get up to $665

Compared to many of our competitors, we have no hidden fees and our commission is always the same at 30% (including VAT) regardless of whether the case is taken to court. Since the beginning, our philosophy has always been “no win – no fee”, meaning that we only charge you if we can get you your compensation.

Some airlines transfer compensation to our clients directly. In such cases, we send an invoice to you matching our fee 30% (including VAT). If the airline contacts you, please forward their email to us immediately as some airlines may try to convince you to settle for far less than you are entitled to.


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I samarbete med Solid Försäkring hjälper vi dig att söka ersättning för din flygförsening. Det kostar ingenting söka men lyckas vi hjälpa dig få ersättning tar vi 30% av beloppet.