Coronavirus hits flights in China


Last week, many governments around the globe took unprecedented actions to control the spread of coronavirus. Many airlines have cancelled flights to and from China, while governments introduced increased security and heightened health checks at airports. These measures have resulted in dramatically altered schedules changes from one country in a short period to date.

Coronavirus China

This week alone, airlines cancelled over 25,000 flights operated to, from and within China, which is significantly more than the previous two weeks. In all, 30 airlines, including Lion Air, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines have dropped flights to China.

There has been a 3.8 million reduction in capacity on Chinese domestic services. This week, approximately 23,000 fewer domestic flights are scheduled compared to last week.

With a reduction of over 1.6 million international seats, it becomes apparent that coronavirus will damage international trade as conferences and tour groups have been cancelled for the coming weeks.

Chinese airlines and regional carriers will be most affected. China Eastern alone is said to suffer the most with around 82,000 fewer seats than planned this week.

24 airlines have stopped all scheduled flights to China altogether. These airlines accounted for some 48,000 seats a week, which is around 2% of all international capacity.