Best seats to book when flying with Ryanair


Ryanair’s aircraft fleet is made up exclusively of Boeing 737s. Therefore, it’s advantageous to know which seats are more desirable than others. So we invite you to find out which seats you should go for and which you ought to avoid when flying with Ryanair.

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Which seats you should avoid when flying with Ryanair

Each person has their preferences, but we recommend you to avoid rows 11 and 12. There is no window on the left side of row 11, and Ryanair’s seat map on their website doesn’t indicate this.

Row 12 is a bit better as both sides of the row have windows. However, some of Ryanair’s Boeing 737 planes have panels in place of windows so passengers have to lean forward to get a glimpse of the view outside.

Which seats you should opt for when flying with Ryanair

If you are willing to pay for choosing your seat, instead of being assigned to one by the airline, you have some good options. While 1st-row seats have extra legroom, they are overvalued. The same can be said about seats above the wings, which also have extra legroom.

However, some seats have other advantages. Typically, Ryanair uses stairs at the front and rear exits so you should consider booking seats towards the rear of the plane cabin for a quick exit. The seats at the rear of the plane cost less than those at the front and you get a small advantage.

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