Finnair’s reluctance to pay for flight delays will begin to cost, both for the company itself and the Finnish taxpayer. Recently, the Helsinki District Court resolved the case in the interest of the customer, forcing the company to pay a total of EUR 22,000 in compensation over EUR 600. For the first time, the airline Read more…


Ifdelayed CEO Erik Tengvall guest in Expressen TV

On May 9, 2018,’s CEO Erik Tengvall presented Expressen TV to talk about flight passengers’ rights. He informs what the passengers are entitled to and give their best tips on how to act when the airline does not act as they should. The tip: “Photograph Everything and Save Receipts” Erik Tengvall, founder of, Read more…


Crackdown on airline ‘hidden’ fees

Airline passengers will be protected from “hidden” fees on flight tickets under government plans for a crackdown on unexpected charges. Additional charges for booking fees, seat reservations, luggage and leg room that do not become apparent until later on in the booking process are to be considered in a new aviation strategy from the Department Read more…


Airbnb could soon be launching an airline

Brian Chesk, co-founder of Airbnb, reveal the news that Airbnb is considering launching an airline. Airbnb has recently ventured into trip-planning and expanded far beyond “home sharing,” and are now considering entering a new business area. “We’ve seriously considered a lot of things around aviation and we’ve spent a lot of time exploring different concepts,” Read more…


10 world’s most luxurious first class airline experience

An air travel can be pure transport, or an experience of pure luxury. Check out the world’s best first class flights and dream away high above the clouds. Skyscanner lists the world’s 10 most luxurious airlines. 1. Etihad Airways 2. Emirates 3. Lufthansa 4. Air France 5. Singapore Airlines 6. ANA All Nippon Airways 7. Read more…
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