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  • 11 hours delayed flight back home from Cyprus. 4 weeks later we received more than half of what we initially paid for the trip! Simple and easy! Will be a new trip!

    — Angelica, received 20148 SEK after deduction of commission —
  • Got back just over 8500 for three seats on a delayed flight to Crete. Extremely pleased with both the result and the customer service!

    — Johan, received 8527 SEK after deduction of commission —
  • My husband and I were traveling home from Las Palmas. The flight was delayed about 5.5 hours. It turned out to be hopeless to try to find useful info about our rights to compensation on the airline’s website. Was tipped off about Forsenad.se. We got back a sufficient amount of money, even after the commission that Forsenad.se deducted. Had never been able to do this myself. Super satisfied! Highly recommended!

    — Ann, received 5638 SEK after deduction of commission —
  • Thanks for the help! Absolutely amazing and went quickly too! Me and my boyfriend together got back just over SEK 8400 after being held in London 8 hours because our flight from New York was delayed and we missed our connecting flight. Will recommend you to all!

    — Ingela, received 8480 SEK after deduction of commission —



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