Cancelled flights at Gatwick Airport due to drones


Are you one of those who’s flight got cancelled due to drones flying over Gatwick airport? If so you might be wondering if you’re entitled to a compensation. The answer is yes and no, we’ll break it down to you.

First and foremost, you are entitled to care under EU Regulation 261/2004. Airlines must provide delayed passengers with food and drink appropriate to the time of day (this is often in the form of a voucher) and a means of communicating your situation or a refund of the cost of essential calls.

For overnight delays, the airline must provide hotel accommodation and transport to reach it – or to return home. When there’s a major disruption, airline staff may not be able to assist in booking hotels. In such cases, you should make your own arrangements and claim the cost back. But don’t expect a full refund for an expensive hotel unless there’s no alternative. Supporting receipts are essential.

Unfortunately, as the airport closure was an “extraordinary circumstance”, as defined by EU law, and beyond the control of any airline, they are not bound by law to pay compensation that would otherwise be due for flight delays.