Airlines avoid French airspace amid national Strike


As the airspace covered by French Area Control (ATC) at Brest extends far to the west, commercial airlines had to file irregular flight plans.

ATC strike france

The Air Traffic Control staff strike in France between December 5 and December 11 has resulted in many flights getting cancelled, including many that only wanted to pass through French airspace.

British Airways and easyJet have both grounded flights from the UK to Switzerland, Spain, and France for the second day in a row.

Due to the nationwide strike against the French president Emanual Macron’s pension reform proposal, airlines have had to reduce flights because of Air Traffic Controllers’ walkout.

Many airlines are forced to cancel flights or steer clear or French airspace.

Many have opted for the latter, but because the airspace covered by French ATC at Brest extends so far west, carriers have had to avoid it altogether.